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For our sixth challenge topic at Spinner's End, we've decided to highlight one of the grimmest things about the character of Severus Snape: the fact that he was a Death Eater.


We invite all artists and writers to create works which depict him engaged in this particular role. This could be Severus as a young Death Eater, somewhere in the late 1970s through Halloween 1981 and the first fall of Voldemort (please, please pleeease give us young Death Eater Severus! ok, calm down, shyfoxling...), or it could be somewhere around Goblet of Fire (1994-1995) through the end of Deathly Hallows (1998). Or you might find a way to set your piece in some other time frame; as always, we accept AUs.

:iconwizardmagicplz: :iconwizardmagicplz: :iconwizardmagicplz:

The moment the Dark Lord branded his mark on young Severus... Snape working on some mission or task for the Dark Lord, or standing in his place in the "inner circle"... His relationship, friendly or otherwise, with other Death Eaters he knew (Lucius? Rosier? Karkaroff? Regulus?)... A trial or hearing, where Dumbledore gives his evidence in his favor, or being held in Azkaban... An AU where Voldemort wins, or Severus overthrows him and becomes a Dark Lord himself... Or maybe illustrate or write an expansion of one of the moments in canon which address this part of Severus's past. (Don't forget that we accept nonfiction essays, too!)

There's a lot we don't know about Severus's history, so you're free to invent some details and events, as long as ultimately you still show a recognizable Severus Snape from the books.

Here are some sample ideas:

HP: SS: Deatheater by cogdis Seal of Azkaban by S-U-U-N Deatheater by pers-shime :thumb22995064: Severus Snape as a Deatheater by iscalox  
Kiriban To AnCatDubh by Expell-HUN Initial displeasure by karabaja S. Snape - Death Eater period by AnCatDubh On The Edge by carthasis
Death eater by Kleolanda :thumb23094635: GoF 23 - Snape and Karkaroff by madcarrot
If You Are Prepared by Sigune Double Agent by Galleth Mirror, Mirror by chocolatejunkie
HP: Most Loyal, Most Faithful"Snape. Snape," Bellatrix Lestrange was pacing the floor, incensed, "Severus Snape! If I hear his name one more time I am going to scream."
She cast a furious glance in the direction of her nephew who refused to look at her, his eyes emptily staring towards the floor, puffy and bloodshot. Draco seemed paler than usual and he let out a small cough, exhaustion painting his features before he became expressionless once more.
The pair were standing outside the chamber of the Dark Lord, not because they had been summoned, but because Bella's paranoia regarding a certain ex-teacher of Hogwarts forced her to confront Severus Snape every time he met with her master.
In the weeks after Dumbledore's death, the potions master had been heralded as Voldemort's most loyal and his most able servant. Nearly everyone had forgotten that the honours should have been given to young Malfoy. His conscience and his fear had finally caught up with Draco when he stood before Dumbledore and now he was merely an

:bulletwhite: All members are invited to take part!
:bulletwhite: Please submit only newly created pieces for the challenge.
:bulletwhite: As always, we can only accept pieces that reasonably depict Severus's features and traits as they are described in the books.
:bulletwhite: Since this topic can potentially be very dark, we remind you that it is OK to submit pieces which have mature content (e.g. violent or disturbing images) as long as they have a proper mature content warning and adhere to deviantART's policies on the topic of Mature Content.
:bulletwhite: To enter a submission, mention in your artist's comments that the piece was created for the challenge, and select the "Challenges" folder when you submit it to the Gallery.
:bulletwhite: The deadline is :spotlight-left:Monday, May 9th, 2011.:spotlight-right: At that time we will make a blog post featuring all the entries!

So delve into those darker times and thoughts with your Muse... what will you pull from the shadows? :iconloveblackplz:

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