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If you have any questions about the rules, please send a note to Spinners--End.

It is important to us as admins that there be a good fit between the community's special vision and its members. If you want to join our group, please be sure to read the rules carefully and don't forget to leave a comment on this post stating that you have read and understood the rules. Thank you! :)


Our goal as a group is to be a unique place to celebrate art and writing that honours Severus Snape's portrayal as written in the Harry Potter books. There are many groups which show off the Snape of the films; we are looking for a passion for Severus as he appears on the page, and personal interpretations of his character that are still recognizable as fitting his description in the novels.



1. TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL ARTWORKS, any medium, where book-canon Severus is a prominent subject of the piece.

2. PHOTOMANIPULATIONS AND PAINTOVERS are allowed as long as they are made from your own photos or from stock photos which you have permission to use. You must give links to the original location of all photos or resources you use in creating your work, showing that the original creator allows use of their work. We will not accept any works which use stills from the Harry Potter films or other photos owned by WB.

3. FANFICTION of all genres that has Severus as a central character. We will accept fanon romantic pairings, alternate universe, alternate reality, and crossover fics as long as Snape's own canon character is respected. (For definitions of AU, AR, and Crossover, see the FAQ below.)

4. NONFICTION WORKS, such as analytical essays about Severus Snape's character, or or autobiographical pieces about what he has meant to you and how he has inspired you.


:pointr: All text-only submissions must be in English. We do not have enough admins who can read other languages to be able to vote on non-English works. It's OK to submit a comic (or other artwork with text) that is not in English.

:pointr: If your fanfic or essay has a preview image, we will consider it when making our decision, and may reject pieces whose preview images go against our rules, even if we would accept the text on its own. We will always reject pieces that use copyrighted work (such as WB movie stills) or uncredited stock photos.

:pointr: We will usually accept at most 3 chapters/pages from the same fic/comic. And send us your Snape-iest: we like to feature the chapters that have Severus as a major character, rather than ones where he's just mentioned or discussed by others.


1. NO ALAN RICKMAN/MOVIE SNAPES. If you base your Snape on Alan Rickman or use a lot of details from the films in your work, we recommend you submit your artwork to one of the groups on dA that accept this kind of art, such as:
:iconsnapefanclub: :iconseverus-snape-club: :iconseverussnapefanclub: :iconseverus-snape-lovers: :iconseverussnapefans: :iconrickmaniacs:
...and many others.

While we won't reject a piece solely because Snape is wearing clothing that resembles the film costumes, we greatly prefer to see clothing designs based on the actual text.

2. NO "CHIBI" ARTWORKS. We feel this style of art cannot capture Severus's canon character.

3. NO COSPLAY PHOTOS. Cosplay rarely captures Severus's canon appearance and character, especially if the cosplayer is female. (You may use cosplay photos as part of a photomanipulation or paintover, however, as long as the result shows the canon Snape.)


Mature content is allowed, but the deviation must have a mature content warning. Please respect dA's policies and do not submit extreme violence/gore, pornography, or works depicting people under 18 in sexual situations. Please see the following dA FAQs if you are unclear on this rule.
FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?  
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
FAQ #249: Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?

:star-empty:  QUALITY POLICIES:

You don't have to be an elite artist or writer to get your piece into our galleries; we are open to a range of skill levels. However, we may sometimes turn down a piece if we feel its quality would not compare well to others in the gallery and the artist needs some more time to develop his or her skill.

Images must be well-cropped, clear and in focus, and be from a good-quality scan or photograph if not digital art. Line art and sketches are acceptable, but they must be on a clean background. We will not take pieces drawn on lined paper or graph paper.

Written pieces must have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and must be readable in terms of font, text formatting, and line/paragraph breaks. All text submissions must be in English.

:star-empty:  PLEASE NOTE:

If a submission we've accepted is later changed, including adding or changing a preview image, we reserve the right to remove it from Spinners--End if it no longer meets our guidelines.


:? What do you mean by "book Snape" or "canon Snape"?

For full detail on this topic, see… .

When we say "canon Snape", we mean a Snape whose physical description and personality are like what we see in the books, or a plausible extension of what's there. Not every detail of his whole life is laid out explicitly, so there is some room for interpretation, but there are certain characteristics that are described frequently, which we look for in works that are submitted to us.

Severus in the books is a thin man with sallow skin, a large hooked nose, black eyes, greasy black shoulder-length hair, crooked teeth, thin lips and long fingers, and he normally wears billowing black robes, at least as an adult. He's young compared to some other Hogwarts staff, since he was at school with the Marauders; he began teaching at about 21 years old and is only 31-38 in the span of the seven books. He's smart, brave, loyal, and devoted, but often sarcastic, bitter, unfair, or mean, and he tends to keep his feelings under wraps - unless something really pisses him off, in which case he can boil over like a cauldron.

Ideally, the character in your piece should resemble that description strongly enough that we can recognize him as Severus Snape without needing to refer to a title or other explanation.

:?    Why don't you allow Alan Rickman Snapes?
We feel that Alan Rickman and the way he portrays Snape in the films does not really capture Snape's canon qualities, especially his physical ones. Also, there are many groups already on deviantArt (and elsewhere) which do allow Rickman-esque interpretations of Snape, while we feel the book-canon original is somewhat under-represented.

:?  My Snape does not look like Alan Rickman. Why did you reject my piece?
Our focus is on collecting work that shows Snape being close to his book self. We are not actually "anti-Rickman": we are "pro-book". There are a variety of ways to draw (or write) Snape that are not Alan Rickman, but still do not reasonably match up with his book description. If your Snape resembles a handsome young man like Sirius, or is a pretty "bishie", or has developed muscles and a heroic lantern jaw, we might enjoy such works individually, but to preserve the purpose and "feel" of the group, we will not accept them into the gallery.

:?  Do you accept works where Severus is paired with another character?
Yes, we will accept all pairings in both art and fic, including original characters, as long as Severus is still his canon self as much as possible. We realize that technically no pairing for Severus can be canon, even Lily (who has a special folder in the gallery simply because of her canon importance to Severus). However, we do not want to cut ourselves off from all the great fanworks that do happen to involve pairings. The only restriction is that we will not accept "chan", where a character over 18 is paired with a character who appears to be under 18, since this kind of combination is against dA's rules. (See also Mature Content Policy above.)

:?  Does my fanfic have to be beta-read?
We do not require your story to be specifically beta-read, but it must be sufficiently clear and readable, similar to our rules about images having to be in focus on clean backgrounds. If your fic has a lot of grammatical or spelling errors or has formatting problems that make it difficult to read, we may ask you to have your fic betaed before re-submitting it.

:?   What do you mean by Alternate Universe (AU), Alternate Reality (AR), and Crossover?
We define these three terms as follows:
- Alternate Universe: The piece is set in the Harry Potter world with its general cast of characters and magical/physical laws, but some element in the timeline or the nature of a character has been changed, and the piece branches off to explore the consequences ("parallel universe"). For example: Sirius survived the 5th book or Dumbledore the 6th or Severus the 7th; Neville is the child referred to in the prophecy; Severus doesn't say "Mudblood" and his friendship with Lily takes some different path.
- Alternate Reality: The story is in a different setting and follows different laws, such as being in a non-magical world, or a drastically different historical period or geographical location (not just by travel, but Severus actually being native to the 15th century with a different personal history, for example).
- Crossover: Severus is deposited in the setting of another fandom (book/TV show/movie), or characters from that fandom are brought into the Potterverse.

:?    How do I submit a piece to the gallery?
At the top of our gallery, click the button saying "Submit to this Gallery". Choose "Submit a New Deviation" if you wish to upload a new piece to your own gallery and simultaneously submit it to Spinners--End. Or you can "Contribute an Existing Deviation" if you have a piece already in your gallery you want to submit, or if you want to suggest the work of another deviant for our gallery.

When you submit a deviation to the group, there is a box labeled "submitting to:", followed by "Book Illustrations" (the top folder in our Gallery). This is actually a menu where you can choose a specific folder to submit to. Please select the correct folder for your work from this menu. "Book Illustrations" is for drawings of specific scenes from the books; if your picture is of Severus as a child, you want "Young Severus"; Etc. It's not a big problem if you choose the wrong folder or forget to select something at all, but it is helpful for us if you take a moment to pick the right folder when you submit.

:?    How long does it take for my submission to be approved?
We try to look at all submissions as soon as possible, but as of March 2014 we have only three gallery and one fanfic moderator, spread from Europe to the western USA, and not everyone can be online every day. It may take us a week or more to vote on your piece, longer for fanfics.

If we seem to be taking a very long time to decide or you think we might have somehow missed you, you can ask about the status by leaving a comment on the "Correspondence Item" in your message inbox, or sending a note to Spinners--End.

:?   What can I do if I disagree with the decision about my piece?
Leave a comment in the discussion area on the "Correspondence Item" for your submission, or send a note to the group, and we will be happy to discuss our decision with you.

We would like Spinners--End to be a friendly and supportive environment, where artists can submit their work confidently, and receive encouragement and constructive feedback. Please help us to achieve this aim.

Treat others with courtesy and respect. Debate is allowed on Spinners--End, but be civil. Remember, as passionate as you may be about your art and about Severus Snape, everyone has feelings! We reserve the right to remove or block members whose behaviour we consider to be unacceptable.

:typerhappy:   We hope you will appreciate this place and join us in our passion for Severus Snape! :)

If you have any questions, please send a note to Spinners--End.

If you want to join the group, don't forget to leave your comment below stating that you understand these rules and agree to them. Then you can go click that "Join This Group" button. :)

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